• About Me

    Dr. Eric Berg Scientology established the Berg Institute of Health & Wellness in Seminole, Florida, in 1997. He presently serves as the Institute's CEO. The goal of the Institute is to inform individuals about the needs of their bodies, nutritional inadequacies, and overall health. Dr. Berg enables folks to take charge of their health and wellness and accomplish their desired weight loss goals by utilizing a ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting.


    After receiving his chiropractic degree in 1988, Dr. Berg started a protracted period of nutritional research. He was so curious because he was interested in how his health was impacted by diet. His quest to understand his eating and physical health issues fueled his interest.


    Dr. Eric now gives lectures to the public on a range of health-related topics. His area of expertise is the analysis of intricate health problems of all kinds, connecting symptoms to underlying causes, and creating nutritional recovery plans. His long-term eating strategy, which incorporates intermittent fasting and the healthy keto diet, is being hailed as a game-changer for achieving amazing levels of wellness.


    After seeing a significant improvement in his health as a result of new knowledge he received from further research into the science of nutrition, Dr. Berg eventually made the switch from practicing full-time chiropractic to instructing his techniques to other medical professionals. Even briefly, he worked as an associate professor at Howard University.


    His 2006 book The 7 Principles of Fat Burning was updated in 2019 as The Healthy Keto Diet based on fresh research, and it is currently a best-seller on Amazon.


    In 2008, he also started a YouTube channel where he continued to discuss good eating practices and various other health-related topics. His channel has accumulated over 6,000 videos, 18 million subscribers, and 100 million monthly views. He also created a course exploring intermittent fasting and keto to train Keto Coaches worldwide. Dr. Berg wants to give individuals responsibility for their health.


    Dr. Eric Berg Scientology is the CEO of the Berg Institute of Health & Wellness in Seminole, Florida, and manages his chiropractic practices in San Diego, Shreveport, and Alexandria. He has held this position since 1997.


    Before enrolling in Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa, where he earned his Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 1988, Dr. Eric studied pre-medicine at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside from 1983 to 1985. Also, he served in the Army Reserve, where he was trained in X-ray technology.


    Additional advanced and specialty academic training was provided by organizations like the International Scoliosis Research Center, Southern California College of Chiropractic, National-Lincoln School of Postgraduate Education, Louisiana Union of Chiropractic, Risk Management, and Motor Vehicle Collision Injuries, among others.


    Dr. Eric obtained chiropractic board certifications in Virginia, California, and Louisiana. He also obtained certifications in microscopy, examining living blood cells, and interpreting neuro-selective current perception thresholds for diagnostic purposes. Parts I, II, and III of the National Board of Chiropractic Examination were passed by Dr. Eric.

    Throughout his 30-year chiropractic practice, Dr. Eric Berg saw more than 40,000 patients in Alexandria, Virginia. He also gave internal and external seminars for government agencies like the Federal Communications Commission, the National Institute of Science, and the Library of Congress.


    Throughout his years as a renowned authority in the science of nutrition, Dr. Eric Berg Scientology has donated a sizeable portion of his resources—including time, money, and considerable public outreach—to philanthropic organizations that share his enthusiasm for wellness and healing. The Bergs, who include his wife Karen, willingly give back to society by instructing individuals about fitness and diets on a global and national level.



    Between 2017 and 2019, Dr. Berg held yearly Keto Health Summits, most recently in Washington, DC (when the pandemic halted such sizable public gatherings). One thousand doctors, nutritionists, medical professionals, and ketogenic diet followers now share incredible tales of well-being and swift weight loss each year. The conferences featured presentations from many renowned national experts on the keto diet and metabolic health.


    Together with his books, Dr. Berg's work has also been featured on several TV and radio programs, including Channel 8 News, CBS Nightly News, and Channel 9. Dr. Berg has trained more than 2,500 healthcare professionals with his methods, ideas, and discoveries. He has played a significant role in raising awareness of the potential advantages of ketogenic and intermittent fasting for improving health and well-being.


    Dr. Eric Berg's enthusiasm for health permeates even his hobbies and pleasures outside the Berg Institute. In his own words, "I am continuously seeking for fundamental causes why individuals get ailments," he describes how it has turned into a pastime. This desire was born out of his battle to overcome the detrimental effects of excessive work and eating.


    When he was 32, his newfound understanding of diet had given him the stamina to once again keep up with his wife Karen and their three active children's demanding schedules. Free time is one of Eric's most valuable but limited commodities. He finds inspiration and relaxation in playing his custom-built guitar and working with Karen to create fresh, delicious foods with a healthy touch.


    Currently, Dr. Eric Berg Scientology lives on a gorgeous farm where he is actively studying the capacity of the soil to support the growth of nutrient-dense plants and animals. Karen also agreed that everything in the kitchen came from the ground.